Sunday, September 13, 2009

Questions for Couponers!

Ok, so here's the deal. For a LONG time i have been clipping coupons and/or saving inserts from the newspaper or "iClipping"....i print ONLY things i think i will buy, so i do not waste paper or ink. Here is what i am finding. I do not use more than half the coupons i think i will because there are ingredients in the products that we tend to avoid. Now, i am looking for ways to reduce my grocery bill, but why are there not coupons for more healthier items? even if an item is free, i don't think its worth it if it contains ingredients that are not good....For instance, we do not buy things with Red Dye, so if i can get yogurt with a coupon super cheap, thats great the price is low--but why is the only yogurt with coupons the ones that are not natural or organic yogurt. I am finding it quite frustrating!
Also i am seeing that just because stores are advertising for BOGO on meat, that doesn't always mean its a good deal either. we don't buy much meat, since we mostly use deer, however when i do buy it i only like to purchase the free range/antibiotic free meat. again, i have yet to find coupons on that.
and has anyone ever seen a coupon for fruit or veggies? the only ones i ever have come across are for Earthbound salad or greens. (i love their spring mix, so that coupon doesn't go to waste!)
So biggest question for the super couponers...are you just looking for the BEST deal possible or do you stick to a "diet" that you are comfortable with and then worry about coupons that fit in? I am jsut curious about everyones behavior in this department, because it seems liek every blog or couponing site that "brags" on the good deals they got on food are eating alot of processed stuff. we try our very best to avoid processed foods-so where am i going wrong? how can i make the coupons work better for our family? (please don't misread this as me putting anyone down for buying products that contain the ingredients we avoid-its just a preference here!)


Chastity Gomez said...

I hear a lot of people on blogs complain about that- the lack of healthy or organic coupons. Personally we eat whatever is on sale just because of where we are at financially- I am hoping in about a year, I can plan healthier meals with fresher ingredients- and then I am sure I will run into the same problem. If its a priority to you to eat healthy, then I guess you have to live with the fact it will cost more:( sad but true!

~Abbey~ said...

we have to eliminate alot of the processed stuff cuz Clayton is very sensitive to them, and why take the chance with the girls. we do occassionally eat hamburger helper...i have gotten that for like 20cents a box before. just add a bunch of veggies to it! i guess i am getting tired of the meat/rice/veggie combo for supper. or pasta. maybe i just need to learn new recipes!

Cori said...

I am a crazy couponer too. I must admit, a lot of the stuff I get is processed....but the way I look at it, what I save in $$$ I can then spend on healthy items and not feel as guilty. So we end up with a mix of healthy and processed foods. Also, you can't beat the savings on cleaning supplies and detergents with coupons!