Friday, September 18, 2009

What in the World is goin on around here?

Oh my Word! I am so frustrated, irritated.....have no patience for anything this morning! UGH! A few days ago we were at the store and i let Cadice have M&M's. Of course one fell on the floor. I hate leaving things likethat on the floor so i picked it up and was looking for a trash can. then i gave it to Candice to throw it away, and she said "i just blow it off, its fine" and before i coudl day anything she ate it. YUCK! Within 24 hours she threw up one time. I figured it was a one time thing since she seemed fine. another 24 hours go by and she starts throwing up again. This time she threw up like 4 times total. Obviously i think she has caught somekind of bug. so the next day she is fine again. (this all started Saturday) Now last night all the sudden she says "Mom, i am gonna throw up". and she runs to the BR-not making it and spews all over the hall-on top of the camel hair carpet that Jacob brought home from over seas! YUCK!!!! I hate puke, it makes me wanna...
So that was the evening while Jacob took Clayton to soccer. Then its bedtime. I am glad-all kids are down, i am having contractions like crazy adn bad i am thinking good if these keep up , we shoudl be at the hospital by midnight. well, as i take my shower, Jacob comes in and says Candice is throwing up again in her bed! UGH! another change of clothes and a bunch of tears later-we are back to bed. I go to bed at 9:30Pm only to be awakened at 12:25 by Clayton who says he needs help. So i get up; here he peed the bed. (he has a bedwetting issue, that i hope to have corrected as soon as we can get insurance on him) So i go these Goodnights since i am SO tired of changing sheets everyother day!--yeah, the stupid goodnights did nothing to prevent the bed from being soaked! So i made him a bed on the floor, JUST IN CASE i didn't want him sleeping on the top bunk--changing that sheet this far in pregnancy is tough! well don't you know this morning at 6:30 i go in to get him up for school and he peed again! so now i have double blankets and sheets to wash! UGH!!
then cameron gets up this mornign at 5AM. lately she has been getting up when she hears someone. she is a very light sleeper in comparison to the rest of the family. and she sleep walks too! Usually i can put her back to bed-NOT this morning. she was up and rarin' to go!
I am really praying for a miracle here, but i am praying that she will take a mid morning nap and then both girls will take their usual afternoon nap. I am SO tired, i can't sleep as it is--so this DID NOT help one bit! i am trying to have patience with the girls today, and trying ot remember this is just a phase and it will pass--eventually! the pregnancy has to end at SOME point! and the day can get better--i have to think of the positive may take me a while today, but i am trying!


Jenny Noel said...

Just to make you feel better - we've been cleaning up throw up and pee around here, too. Hope it gets better for you! And, the same thing happened to us the week before Meg was born, so maybe it's a sign!

~Abbey~ said...

Jenny, i was just looking at this..and you called it...6 days later, he was born!