Saturday, November 21, 2009

Meanest Parents on the Block!

Well, we have done it! we are SO mean! and someday our kids will thank us for it! Jacob and I have decided to take the challenge to only eat Rice and Beans for supper til Thanksgiving. Mind you our children are not bean lovers. They tolerate some of them, and there is one child who thinks gagging will make the rules of eating somehow change...He has not been so fortunate and AMAZINGLY he has not thrown up or withered away as he so thought! LOL!
Our endeavor will only really be a half plunge into the challenge, since the REAL challenge i heard about was to eat the rice and beans for EVeRY meal til Thanksgiving, but we decided to start slow! :)
Whats the point of this, you ask? well the point is to learn a new level of thankfulness. There are ALOT of people who live on beans and rice daily...probably not 3x a day either. We would be fortunate to have that much in comparison. Imagine how much better our turkey dinner will taste after this week! I am excited to see what we all take from this...and learn to give back!

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rockinabbs29 said...

Thats an awesome thing you did... and a good idea. Ill have to try that sometime.