Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Rice and Bean Night #1

Well, the first night of beans and rice went better than expected. First, the meal itself was good! Its just a bag of white beans, some onions, spices, bacon and water. boil and simmer for several hours til thickened.

There were some complaints as always, and some request for something different for dinner. But we explained what he purpose of this project was, and it was well received. The children are starting to understand that others do not have the food we are blessed with. In fact, i am thinking of driving them by a few house that i guarantee are some that do not have much more than beans and rice. But there were no tears about supper.

Candice ate most of hers without complaining. Clayton asked for something different and said he didn't really like it. Took about 4 bites and decided he did not want to eat if that was the option. He didn't ask for anything else or complain about being hungry. Cameron ate 1 bite and held it in her mouth for about 20 minutes. We told her she had to swallow it if she wanted to be excused from the table. She swallowed and pushed her bowl away.

Tonight-its left over night. I am not making new beans and rice. We will eat what we didn't eat last night. And tonight is Pie Night at church. Whoever doesn't eat their dinner doesn't get pie-so i am hoping with the incentive there will be cleaner bowls.....we will see!

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Ellen said...

Can't wait to hear who pushes their bowl away today... I would never miss pie night. You are teaching a good lesson. :)