Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Rice and Bean Night #2

Well, as you can imagine, little bellies were growling before dinner! I forewarned the children of the no pie rule if the dinner bowls were not emptied into their bellies! I have to add the beans and rice were better tasting on the second day as opposed to the first. The flavors had all melted together and it was good!

Clayton ate all of his supper with no complaints! It took him about 20 minutes to eat his bowl full, but he was very proud of himself when he was finished knowing he could eat pie!
Candice ate every last bit of her bowl full also. Again, no complaints from her. She was also excited and reassured us that she woud lbe eating pie!
Cameron sat for 40 minutes with a mouth full of food. She was holding it in her mouth so long it was digesting in her mouth. ewe! We finally got her to swallow the mouthful--i won't release my tactics to you-but rest assured, it IS in her belly...well by now, the potty! :) Jacob slipped up and gave her a bite of pie *tisk-tisk*!

I am not sure how tonight will go. There have already been tears shed that Rice and Beans is on the menu yet again! BUT we are not hungry, so be ye thankful! [I do feel (the slightest bit of) bad since it is Candice's birthday today, and we are not having anything she would choose, so we agreed to have her birthday dinner on Friday instead-so she can pick what we have for supper!]

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