Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Candi Girl!

Candice on her Birth Day (11/25/05)

3 years old

My sweet baby girl is 4 years old today! Where has the time gone? She is amazing! I wish so bad that every one in the world could know her and her personality! She is a giving person by nature-very unusual! She often extends the last of anything to Clayton, even giving her hard earned money to him! She wants to help around the house whenever possible-asked or not asked!
When she grows up she says she wants to be a mommy! It is nice to hear that! She is DEFINITELY a girly girl! I love her for it, even though it gets on my nerves at times! She LOVES her hair and nails done, playing dress up and experimenting with her make-up. She loves to sit with her daddy and seeks his approval in everything. She is a sensitive child-getting her feelings hurt pretty often. She can be mean to her best friend-thankfully Tori is a pretty forgiving person ;) Candice brings joy and happiness to our home! When Candice was born she was humming, now she sings and talks NON-STOP! We pray that this will be a gift God will use in her future! We know the Holy Spirit is working in her heart as she asks questions and talks about the Bible and God all the time. She LOVES for me to read her the Bible, and when we say ok, time to be done, she just wants to hear more. She LOVES to participate in Jr Church and AWANA. We pray that she will accept Christ as Saviour at a young age. She has prayed to be saved one time-and she reassures me constantly that she is saved, but only God can really know. (she was only 2 at the time and i know she knows facts, but...well we just pray that God will let her know either way:) Happy Birthday to my Candice! (Clayton tried to call her Candi one day and she yelled at him "My name is CAN DICE not Candi!!!")


rockinabbs29 said...

She is beautiful! time really flies, cant believe shes 4! I hope she had a great birthday! :)

Dusty said...

Happy belated birthday Candice! She is precious! Gabby loves to play with her!

Susana C. said...

she is soooo pretty! i gotta come see you guys again!!!!!
love your blog too! and whoah you got alot of snow!

Anonymous said...

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