Saturday, December 5, 2009

Miss Prissy Panties!

I am SO happy that Cameron is now potty trained! I could have said this a couple weeks ago, but i wanted ot wait til it was not me taking her to the bathroom-but her telling me "POTTY, MOMMY" We are there! The other morning was another HUGE break through-she woke up at 0545 and knocked on our bedroom door. I opened the door and she looked up at me and said "mommy, potty poop" and she turned to walk to the bathroom. She woke up to tell me she needed to go!? WOW!! I really couldn't be happier...we are 1 giant step closer to being a diaper free house!


Dusty said...

Man. You want to come over and train Aron? lol. I haven't even begun. How did you get her to go so young? I'm going to start soon with Aron. I'm hoping to avoid having two kids in diapers at the same time again.

~Abbey~ said... teach my kids how to eat neatly and i will gladly potty train! i start potty introduction as soon as they can walk. Candice was trained by 14 months cuz she walked early! we will see how it goes with Corbett!

Anonymous said...

That panty picture just gave me a massive stiffy