Saturday, December 19, 2009

SO much Snow!

I cannot believe it snowed as much as it did! CRAZY! I was laughing on the inside when they said 8-10"! Last year things shut down when we got about 1-2"; I couldn't imagine what would happen with 8-10! Well, it wasn't 8-10" at my house, but it was close enough!The kids had a fun time playing. Unfortunately, I do not have a good camera handy, so I was lucky to get the pictures I did! I actually had to go borrow snow clothes from a friend (who can find anything you may need!) just so my kids would stay out there long enough to make the whole changing of the clothes worthwhile!
*Don't we have a pretty view! You should see it on July 4th--that whole sky line is filled with fire works! Awesome!*

Cameron was so funny! She would start to fall over and catch herself, but she couldn't stand back up. She would just stand on all fours screaming "MOMMY!" Wish i had a picture of that! Hilarious!

Clayton went to play with the neighbor kids while the adults shovelled the loads of snow! Then he went to another neighbor's house for a snowball fight! He had a blast! I was very nervous, because I cannot see the neighbors yard from our house, so I put my cell phone in his top pocket and set the alarm for "time to go home". I was kinda scared he would ignore it, but about 2 minutes after the alarm was set to ring I saw him walking up the back yard! I made a BIG deal about his responsible behavior--and then prayed and thanked God for watching out for him! UGH, he is growing! Oh and for the record, Clayton HATED wearing these PINK snow pants, BUT it was the only option if he wanted to play longer than 5 minutes! He got over it!

Candice HATES the snow unless it is not touching her or unless she is the one prompting the touching! Holy Moly! She would cry if it got her wet, if someone threw some at her, if it fell out of the tree on was constant tears! If she was as big as me, I would have pummeled her to the ground--and that's just the mood i was in today too! LOL!

Corbett was just miserable most of the day!This is our heat pump that doesn't want to pump heat! NICE -right!? My space heater is working nicely though!

I shovelled and shovelled! Now I am feeling the effects of it! Our driveway/road is about 1/10 of a mile. Last night, my neighbor Jean and I shovelled tire tracks down it, and today i shovelled my driveway and tire tracks for her driveway. The road is clear enough now that we won't slide if it freezes tonight! Its a steep hill; I would hate to start down it and not be able to stop!

I do not care for the snow, BUT I am glad that it snowed for the kids' sake! They love it! They also had been praying for snow last week, so this was a good thing in more ways than one for them! Candice kept looking up at the sky and saying "Thank You god for pouring some snow out! Thank You!" Now she is trying to convince me that I should pray for more snow tomorrow! Doubt I will be doing that! Wish I had more pictures to share, and I especially wish I could have taken the kids sledding or something! Next year maybe we will get some white bliss again!


Chastity Gomez said...

What a fun post to read and the pink snowpants are hilarious!!!

~Abbey~ said...

don't ever tell him that til he is grown up! ;)