Tuesday, March 30, 2010

He speaks!

Corbett has now mastered the words "Mama" and Dada". He also says "hey"....at first i thought "IMPOSSIBLE" BUT, whenever one of the kids comes up to him he grins and says "hey" just like they do to him! I love it!! He is SO cute!! (He is 6 months now and also has 2 VERY SHARP teeth!) This is Corbett with Aunt Elaine at our Metcalf Easter Party!


Shannon said...

Sooooo funny! Colin's first word was "hey". I smile and say it to him all the time without thinking until he said it back to me one day. How redneck, but cute. Colin's only words so far are hey, mama, dada, and bubba (this one is almost always in a deep growling voice). He and Corbett are just meant to be friends.

~Abbey~ said...

Totally Shannon! Its SO cute and SO redneck-but hey we live in Alexander County-what did you expect?! LOL!