Sunday, March 14, 2010

An update continues...

Well, Candice is turning into She-Devil...LOL-Not really. We are just SO different its not even funny! I find it hard to find commonality with her. She is SO girly and I am so NOT girly. The best things we love to do together are drink coffee (yes i let her have it sometimes-no worse than soda or those gummy snack every other mother loads into their kid!), tell Bible stories or ask "so do you think...." questions to each other. (i might add that its very insightful when asking these types of questions to your child as to where they are emotionally and mentally!) candice also likes to kick my butt in Wii bowling! She laughs at me that i am not very good at it, she tries to give me pointers too-but i tell her "go ahead and laugh honey, then we will go REAL bowling and see who is laughing!" Its fun!
The BEST thing about her right now is her interest in the Bible. She prayed to receive Christ as Savior just before Christmas this past year. It was amazing to see her face light up when she would tell others that she prayed to ask Jesus in her heart! She reassures us that God will NEVER leave her because "HE PROMISED! and He doesn't break a promise, NO!" She is a whip! She LOVES church and AWANA and all that comes with it! She loves people! She does have a social issue...I call it "Margaret from Dennis the Menace Syndrome"--also known as pure selfishness. (we are watching "the rod of correction drive it far from her!"-we are seeing improvement slowly, but surely!) candice is also the little mommy here...still. this has not changed! Its great in some aspects because she helped potty train Cameron! :D She also still loves to clean-anything but her room! ;) She may go to preschool next year. I have not decided completely yet-though i think it would do her good with her "syndrome"....she knows her letters, numbers, shapes, colors, small words, phonics and many other pre-K things, the social dynamic is my biggest concern. Clayton and Candice also just started Swimming Lessons and are enjoying it!
Cameron is my little TURKEY! She wants to make everyone laugh, and she likes to cuddle too! She is a heart breaker! she is a stubborn one, that's for sure--but she is learning QUICKLY that she will not get away with it! She is potty trained and can put her panties on by herself. She also knows how to get undressed and and put her clothes in the washer. She also is so proud of herself when she clears her plate after dinner! It is her job to put the silverware away when the dishwasher stops--she is not the best sorter yet, but she is getting there! (I think it is fun for her because she gets to stand on the chair!) She is saying 3-4 word sentences and LOVES to play baby dolls. She also loves the swing and slides! Her favorite song is "This Little Light of Mine"! She can quote Ephesians 6:1a and frequently reminds her brother "Bobby, you bey Mommy!" (She nicknamed everyone: Clayton is Bobby, Candice is DeeDee, and Corbett is Corby...these are inside family names, so don't go trying to use them ;)
Then there is Corbett who is just trying to survive in the madness! He is a BIG guy with a BIGGER smile! He is SO happy-generally! We have been so blessed with him! He sports a mohawk--AND NO I WILL NOT PUT A BOW IN IT, thanks for all the suggestions people! He melts me...i think sons do that to their mother intentionally so when they grow up and act like an idiot one day, the mom backs them up anyway! LOL! He is trying to crawl, but hasn't quite got it yet-but he is a determined fella (must run in the family!)
Jacob is a whole other story-that unfortunately will remain a mystery to all of you! Someday when he sees you in person he can enlighten you on the road he has been able to travel. The Lord has been good to us, that is all i can say! Right now Jacob's favorite verse says "The horse is prepared against the day of battle: but safety is of the Lord." Proverbs 21:31--The Lord has given him safety so far! All in all though, he is doing well. I did throw him a surprise 30th birthday party-that was fun and completely a surprise to him! I really thought he had suspected it, but he said he had NO idea! YAY!
More posts to soon as I get a few things done! ;)

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