Friday, April 30, 2010

~Controversial topic for Christian parents~

I have really been thinking about this topic lately. All the up roaring of Christians with the White House not having the yearly "Day of Prayer" ceremony has really got me thinking. I can't say that I am upset that our President has decided to do this. It really doesn't surprise me, because I can only expect unbelievers to do unbelieving things. I also think its kinda GOOD that Obama is not praying to God just as a show to do it because it is expected of him as President. If it is not his heartfelt conviction to do so, than it may be better that he does not just put on some act for us Americans.

I hear so many Christians talking about how its just "not the best decision" that we send our kids to public school. Though i respect their opinion and convictions for their children-really i would love to hear them say-"I pray that God gives your children opportunity and the will to do what is right in HIS sight and be a salt for Him." (I guess that would sound to them they are condoning my bad choice.) But ok let's get past my hard feelings about stupid ignorant comments and get to the point of my post....

Separation of church and state was established to keep government out of church--please correct me if my History is wrong there-I have never been a history buff. So if that is the case-then WHY are Christian parents SO up roared about schools not allowing (in some states and areas) school-wide prayer or Bible teaching? I have to admit, I am GLAD that the teachers do not do it. Though I think its great if someone other than the parent is helping a child understand the Bible, I cannot say that I have been happy with even some of the "Biblical things" my own children have been filled with through church programs. Every Christian has his own take on certain things in the Bible. I am not referring to BLACK AND WHITE sin issues, but more of Christian liberty issues-such as music or movie watching or owning a computer or participating in secular sports programs. These things in and of themselves are not sin--certainly they can be abused and turn to sin. I guess what i am trying to find out is that parents responsibility is given to parents to raise their children in the glory and admonition of the Lord-not the schools, teachers or churches. (I AM NOT SAYING THAT YOU SHOULD NOT ALLOW OTHERS TO TEACH THE BIBLE TO YOUR CHILD-what i am saying is we are gonna be responsible for what is taught to them-even when it relates to the Bible. hence, a lot of pro-homeschoolers)

Let's turn the tables a bit though. Christian parents would be so ecstatic if they found out that starting on May 1st, 2010 all public school systems are required to have morning prayer and a Bible devotion time. Am I wrong? wouldn't you be glad they are enforcing something like that? But what if they started saying that in addition to that so there will also be prayer rugs handed out to ALL students and at certain times they are made to pray towards Mecca. Or Rosary beads will be given as children are led in prayer by the teacher. I can't help but say that this would certainly ALARM me as a Christian parent. and I am sure that the Bible teaching would alarm those in these other religions. Now we KNOW That the God we pray to, is the ONE TRUE GOD. But these people in other false religions do not know that they serve a false god. If they did they would stop serving it. The Holy Spirit has not spoken to these individuals yet, or He has and they have not responded. Whatever the case, I am glad that the public school is not teaching any kind of religion to my children. I know what they are taught and can correct or reinforce what they have learned and when it comes to Bible matters, it is left to us THE PARENTS. On these reasons I can totally see why a lot of Christians choose to home school. If you can do it well and your children handle it well-then kudos to you. And I pray that they excel, just as I pray that my children excel in their studies. Just when it comes to mine, I pray everyday that they choose to be a righteous testimony for the Lord's sake in their classrooms. I know they will mess up and I know that I too will fail as a parent in areas. Without God's help, strength and love we all are nothing anyway. Can Christian's not support one another and leave the schools and governments out of it?
So what do you think?


Shannon said...

I can only speak for how I am convicted. I'll say right off that I know everyone doesn't feel this way, and I'm not putting down anyone else parenting styles. We each one just have to follow the direction God is leading us, and it's none of my business to decide that for other parents.

I agree with you that I wouldn't want the public school teaching my child religion for many of the same reasons you mentioned. I heard recently that Catawba Co. is putting plaques in all the school rooms that say "In God We Trust". I pretty much feel like it meaningless when they aren't teaching the children to trust in God, and it's probably just going to be something that "anti christians" will use to tighten up the rule of no God at school even more. Or, they may use it as an excuse to introduce the teachings of other religions.

I don't think any parent should leave it up to someone else to teach their children about God...not even a Christian school. I homeschool my children because I feel that it's my job as a parent to train my children in the way they should go. I just don't think sending them out of my care for the majority of each day is following that. Along with that, I don't take them to church to learn about God. It's nice if they pick something up, but at this point most of what they learn is from me and Don. We take them to church to worship God with other Christians. That is why I don't allow Nolan to go to Children's Church during worship service. I want him to be part of the worship service. We handle the Bible story part at home.

We feel that our children need time to grow and mature as Christian before they are sent out to be the salt and light. Children's minds are too easily swayed by the pressure to fit in and be accepted. Something like 75% of children raised in Christian homes walk away from their faith in the first year that they leave home (in most cases college). Some eventually return, but many don't. I know I'm far from the parent that God intends me to be, but my prayer is that I will somehow manage to give my children deep enough roots during their weaker years to be able to stand strong in their faith as men of God when they are ready to fly from this nest.

I'm not saying my way is the right way for others...just how God has convicted my heart.

~Abbey~ said...

thanks for sharing Shannon! I think you do an amazing job- i couldn't homeschool, because i do not feel called by God to do that at this time. I am open to it if He should so convict me one day or with any one of my kids. I don't think they will all learn the same and may need different education styles. I have also thought of pulling my kids out of children's church. we actually have on occassions but i hate all teh comments people make--i am weak and it gets to me.

and just to throw this out there in case it sounded as i was putting down homeschooling or christian school or church or anything- i am FOR pretty much any type of schooling a parent chooses for their child whatever they are so convicted to choose.
i did meet a lady the other day who homeshcools and only teaches her children math and bible-she takes them to the library to read. and thats it. i wonder how that will work itself out later? i truely wonder-because i have my concerns, but what do i know except what i do? I am just fascinated with all the blaming going around, when we don't want t put the responsibility where it belongs-in our own laps.

Dusty said...

I think this is a really great post! I agree with most of what you say about public schools and church. It is the parents' job to teach children about the Bible and God, not anyone else's. I also agree that even in church they can be taught things that are different(on minor issues) than what we personally believe.

We homeschool because I want to ensure that they get not only a good education( and I personally feel many of the public schools in our area are lacking in this area) but I also want to be the one that lays the foundation for their faith(I agree with you and Shannon though that educational choices are up to each parent, and I do not look down on anyone else's choice, we all do what we feel is best). I agree that public schools teaching religion could go very wrong, and would be uncomfortable with it as well. unfortunately, I think far too many parents rely too heavily on other people to teach the Bible to students and dont' really look into what exactly their children ARE being taught and whether or not it is right.