Monday, May 3, 2010

How Ironic...

well, just as I posted my last topic on Friday, 2 days later I sit down to what I think will be a nice Sunday lunch only to receive the 3rd Degree about why would you INTENTIONALLY not choose to send your kids to this Christian School? I tried to avoid topic with this person because I really don't feel that I need to give anyone a reason for what my husband and I should choose for our children. But the person was insistant. So I gave him 1 reason and he just layed into me about it. Then he proceeded to tell me how he and his children went to Christian school....hmmm.... nuff said. and yet, people wonder why I keep getting a bad taste in my mouth. Its a cryin' shame.


Dusty said...

((hugs)) That stinks and is really rude! I personally feel like it is every parent's choice where to send their children to school, and while a Christian school can be good, it isn't the be all, end all in growing up to be a Christian adult. Sheesh. You shouldn't have to feel as if you need to explain yourself...they are your children, not anyone else's!

Shannon said...

I hate that happened to you! Most people that get in your face about something like that are just insecure about their own choices. I personally went to a Christian school for one year (7th grade). There was good and bad to it. I can tell you that none of the kids in my grade too Chapel time or Bible class seriously. There was also a lot of kids there because they had gotten kicked out of public school. I learned more bad from my peers there than the good I got from the Bible teachings.

I also know a teacher at a local Christian school. She works with the middle school ages and she has noticed the same thing. She can't tell a difference between their attitudes and the attitudes of public school teens. She also noted the amount of trouble makers that end up there. She plans to home school her own children.

From my own experience as a teacher, I can tell you that the #1 deciding factor in how the children will succeed is the parents - not the school.