Monday, May 17, 2010

Letter from Concerned Mom

I am linking this post from my friend, Dusty's, blog. She could not have said this better! Thanks Dusty! I really think you need to send that letter--or make it go viral. You know we could animate it and make it into a YouTube ad for companies! More parents need to be motivated and positively pressured to keep their girls modest! Its a shame what girls feel the need to wear or become in order to gain what they perceive as respect. The reality is, noone is respecting them; they just lust them!


Dusty said...

Animated on YouTube, huh? We just might have to do that! Have you seen on the news the controversy over those 7 and 8 year old girls dancing in booty shorts and gyrating all over the place? It's insane.

~Abbey~ said...

yes, and its very unfortunate that they look like little hoochy girls especially at such a young age. Those same mothers will be wondering what happened ot their little girls when they are in HS and sleeping around. You train your kids to use their bodies like that when they are young, they will grow up knowing how to use it worse later! So sad!