Sunday, May 16, 2010

Curiosity breeds curiosity!

Anyone who knows me can tell that I am a very analytical creature. I like to know the WHY behind the WHAT. (so if i ask you WHY you think a certain thing, its not because I care either way what you think-its really because I like to hear how you came to that thought--just to clear that up before someone else is offended by me!)

Anyway...I am curious about a lot of things. Spiders intrigue me-even though i am petrified of them. Ants and their ways intrigue me-I can stand and watch an ant hill for 30 minutes just wondering what their next plan is. Are they thinking or is all their action just pure instinct? Do birds plot against me and is their chirping in the trees while I plant my garden them really just snickering to each other of my hard work they are about to come devour?

My kids are just as curious as I am. They ask probably 100,000 questions a day among 3/4 of them. Candice is the best questioneer! (is that a word?...) She asks such in depth questions such as: Why did God make the sky blue and not green and the leaves not purple? Why do we have tears? How did you find out Daddy's name? When can I have a baby in my belly? Do you think I can marry my best friend when I get big?

Her Bible questions seem to amaze me the most! She pays attention to ALOT! Things you don't think she is paying attention to. A few months ago our pastor was preaching and asked a question to which the answer was Jesus. He was asking not expecting an answer out loud...I supposed Candice missed that memo and shouted JESUS!....right in the middle of his preaching. I didn't even think she was paying attention since she was drawing on paper at the time.
Her most recent question is this....Mom, when we go to heaven we will have no boo-boos right? we will have no tears, and no scars and no sad stuff right?...I assure her-that is right. So logically she puts together..If we will have none of that stuff, then how come Jesus will have scars in heaven? I don't think he will cuz we all get a new body. so don't Jesus get a new body when he went to heaven?

WOW! She is 4? Honestly, I think I have always been taught that we will see the scars in his hands and feet and side. But since she asked me that, I started to look for the passage that actually says that we will see these things in heaven. I have not found it yet...if it even exists. With my children, I have really made it a practice to find the verses that answer their questions and SHOW them the verse so they can see it for themselves. I don't want them to take what I say as fact; I know I can mess facts up since I am human and can't remember everything all the time. I want them to know that what God's word says is TRUE, not that someone taught them something.
If you know a passage that says we as Christians will see the scars in Jesus' body when we are in heaven, PLEASE enlighten me so I can know and share it with her.

Curiosity may have killed the cat, but I find that it has a tendency to make me search deeper to find answers to things I am ignorant about!

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