Sunday, May 16, 2010

Things i don't understand...

Ever sit and think about something long enough that is starts to not make sense any more?
Ever stop and wonder WHY something is the way it is? I do this alot--I guess most people would call it day dreaming-I like to think of it as thought provoking curiosity! HAHA!

here are a few things...

Why do we pronounce the word want like wOnt? we pronounce "ant"(the little insect with the lower case A sound) The word rant is spoken like ant with an R preceding it. so shouldn't the word want be pronounced wAnt?

If you are driving at 60mph, is a fly flying in your car aslo flying at 60mph? How about when you ride a plane--if you walk from the back of the plane to the front of the plane, are you walking faster than the plane is flying or as fast? hhmmm....

Is EVERY person born with a birthmark, just as everyone has a bellybutton?

Why can you make a recipe one day and do the exact same thing the next and get cookies that turn out totally different?

How about this one: why can a woman's belly stretch so much to have a baby, but you can't go pull on her skin and it stretch like that?

If evolution is true (which i don't believe it is), why is a monkey not turning into a human today? I have never seen a monkey-man; Have you? (hey, i I saw a monkey turn into a human before my eyes.....well, I will leave it at that-since it will never happen)

Maybe I am wierd, but I guess these crazy thoughts seem like nothing in the midst of all the other crazy stuff in my life. I find it somewhat comical really!

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