Monday, May 31, 2010

a picture worth 1000 words..MIA!

well, here is what happened. Jacob came to me and said "I'm gonna let you field this one!" I never know what i am going to find after those statements, but i can usually guess it involves poop smeared somewhere. Not today, Today was different. Today was the day that my bathroom would be painted PINK! I hate pink paint. Fortunately, my daughter spared me the paint part and used my newest lipstick! She painted her entire body, the whole outside of our brand new toilet, and the counter top. I stand there looking at her and Jacob says "do you want me to get the camera?" as he gives me that half hearted perked lip. I gave him the evil eye back. (i refuse to take a picture of my kids doing something they are not supposed to be doing. I did that one time and i think it sends the message that somehow i think its cute what they are doing is ok for a picture, but now they are in trouble. lesson learned-no picture this time!--only spanking!)

so after i start getting my child undressed and into the tub, i go to reach for the towel and realize, the toilet seat is all wet. "Why is it all wet?" i think to myself. then i look at Cameron, and realize her face and hair is all wet also. I said "What did you do?" she grins at me and says "Wash hair toilet" *GASP* **DOUBLE GASP** How gross, my child not only painted the bathroom with lipstick, colored the bottom of her potty with it and now proceeded to wash her face and hair in the grown up toilet....nice! what a way to end the day! She is definitely not like her sister! Oh the adventures to look forward to with Cameron, my little pistol!


Dusty said...

ROTFLMBO! I'm sorry, I know all too well that moment where you are steaming mad but sort of want to laugh too(until you have to clean something up!). Your kids crack me up!

Tuesday said...

That is hilarious!!!

Tia said...

HAHAHAHA, why havent I heard about this?!?