Monday, May 31, 2010


You know last year the term "stay-cation" came out when the economy was taking its plunges. A word meaning to take time to act like you are on vacation in your own town, explore the things a tourist would when visiting where you live.
We have brought a whole new meaning to the term. Last night, we were planning on taking the kids camping. Our family time has suffered greatly for various reasons lately; so since camping is fun and cheap, we thought it to be the perfect thing to do this weekend. Plans changed; company was coming and Jacob had some work to do. So we didn't want to disappoint the kids (secretly *I* would have been just as disappointed!) so we decided to pitch the tents in the front yard. We got a fire pit and made hot dogs and s'mores over the fire. (I make a killer S'more!) The kids were thanking us every 5 minutes..."thank you mom and dad for getting this for us, and letting us camp and thank you for roasting marshmallows, and thank you...." It brought a smile to my face just hearing their excitement. We ate enough hot dogs and marshmallows for 2x as many people-and we don't regret it one bit!

Everyone made it all night out in the tents. though i did come in at 430Am because my hip was aching so bad i was almost in tears. The kids first question this morning was "when can we do this again! this was the best day of our whole life!"

The best day of their whole life!!!--all we did was buy some marshmallows and some hot dogs and sleep in the front yard! What? you mean we didn't have to take them on some spectacular trip? no money was given to them? No new outfit for the occasion? NO! we brought it back to the basics and THAT made it the BEST day of their whole life! I wanted to take pictures, but my film is gone, and the digital pics i just don't like in scenarios like that. So forever the memory will be burned in my brain...and i will remember how for one small moment in time "It was the best day of my whole life too!"


Dusty said...

Aw, that is great! Don't you love when the simple things make them so happy?

Tuesday said...

I love those moments too. I am so glad you ALL had a great time. Sounds like SO much fun, and the best time of their life.