Sunday, June 6, 2010

When I think of June...

When I think of June, many many things come to mind.
I immediately think of the date the pool will open, the day school lets out, the heat, the bugs and spiders that seem to infest any area i am standing in ;).

I think of my Aunt June who passed away years ago from leukemia. She was a good lady. She was sweet and caring. She always dipped her Cheeseburger in ketchup. She had a pretty smile and was a great addition to our extended family! I do miss her.

I think of horseflies that bite. You know the ones that sneak up on you when you are outside minding your own business, and then OUCH! it bites you! Remember swimming with your buddies when you were little and someone just SMACKING you upside the head--always blaming it on those darn HORSEFLIES!

I think of Flag Day. June 15th is flag day. Why don't we celebrate it? Maybe it is more celebrated wherever Betsy Ross sewed her flag...where was that, Gettysburg? I should know this stuff. I love our flag! When I see an American flag flying high, I immediately feel a sense of pride. I think of the military families, the government officials and especially those on current battlefields around the world. I am thankful for our country-problems and all. There is no greater place on Earth!

I think of Father's Day. I think of my favorite picture with my dad. I think of the hunting excursions I went on with my dad. And the first 2 groundhogs I shot all by myself; he was so proud of me that day! I think of all the crap I pulled on my dad growing up and how he still loves me. We actually laugh about some of it now-even though I know its really not THAT funny. I can think of so many more things--but I think I will save them for a Father's Day Tribute post!

June has good memories. Crickets, revved engines, boats taking off, kids laughing, fireworks just about every weekend somewhere with in earshot, picnic suppers, lots of time with friends with many laughs! Its just one good month no matter how you think of it!

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