Sunday, August 15, 2010

Adopted a Grandma!

When we moved here 5 years ago, there was a woman at church who just clicked with me. About the 3rd time I spoke to her, Clayton came up adn started calling her Grandma. We still are not sure why he did that, but it kinda just stuck...we call her Grandma Rice now. She is so sweet, a kindred spirit and a mentor to me! She is always calling to check up on me, make sure I am doing ok, or even making Jacob her fabulous Squash Casserole! She has and continues to be a great blessing to our family! We love her and her husband dearly!
It was Glenda's birthday in July, so the kids wanted to make her a bunny cake--since Bunnies are her favorite! She has a pet bunny named, Lucky. This was the inspiration for the cake. Of course my kids decide this like 1 day before her birthday, so I had no time to really practice or go above the norm for her. I felt bad about that, but it all turned out so well that it didn't matter in the end.
We met for lunch and sang Happy Birthday! It was a fun afternoon!


Chastity Gomez said...

wow- cute bunny- very "vintage" looking:)

~Abbey~ said...

awe, thanks! the Skittle for the nose was a bit much, but the kids HAD to put it on! lol!