Sunday, August 15, 2010

And God said, "AHAHAHAHAA!"

Everyone keeps asking me "how's the house thing going?" I thought I would jot a few things down here so you can feel more in the loop! :)

Our house has been on the market for about a month; we have had 4 showings. Of course, we would love to have had more than that, but I am kind of glad we have not for the simple reason that our bathroom has been under construction all this time as well. The bathroom is on its last finishing touches which will hopefully be completed this week! We are waiting on the cabinet faces to be finished at the Finishers. How nice it will be to have our bathroom back and COMPLETE! (People wonder how we do it with one bathroom--feels like now it should be WOW YOU HAVE A WHOLE BATHROOM! now.) People are so spoiled with space, it is UNREAL to me!! (I won't even get on that soap box today! LOL)

We plan to move to Fort Mill, SC whenever our house sells. We do not know when this will happen; only God knows. We have been praying consistantly for the buyer that God has out there for our home. We know  he will bring them to us, in the meantime we are being patient.
Once our house is under contract, we will begin looking for an apartment to rent for a while. Then hopefully we will be able to buy a house in a developement across the street from Jacob's work.
Right now I am trying to get a job. I have to meet with the manager of our local grocery store Monday or Tuesday. I plan to work there since it is less than a mile away, and they ar eopen til 11pm. I can get the most hours for the time I have available. Pray this pans out!

Of course, this is OUR plan of action. As we consult our Planner things change day to day. This saying always applies to us: When we make plans, God laughs.

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