Wednesday, September 15, 2010

6 week Slim Down

First, I would like to preamble this topic by saying that truthfully I am not unhappy with my weight at all. I am unhappy with how untoned i have become in the last few months mostly. That all being said, one of my greatest friends is getting married on October 17th. I am in the wedding. I was measured for my dress nearly 2 months or more ago and my measurements gave me a size 6. I was pleased with that. The dress however, is a mermaid style dress which is nice for my curvier figure. I received the dress on Thursday of last week. I tried it on. It fits....I mean it FITS. I can zip it. I can stand there and look pretty in it, but please whatever you do do not ask me to sit down! So now i have 6 weeks to cut an Inch and a half from my hips and buns! I know I can do this...and be healthy doing it. I want this 1 1/2 inches to stay off, not just be on vacation for the wedding. So I got my fill on junk food over the weekend. Had 2 birthday parties to attend and did not deny myself the cake and ice cream. Monday morning started the "no junk", sugar detox. This is my least favorite part of healthful living! My body likes sugar! The problem is I usually have to go through a period where I stuff myself with something sugary just to get my body to say "HEY, LADY WE HAD ENOUGH ALREADY!  NOW KNOCK IT OFF!" (hence my cake and ice cream filling over the weekend!)
I have cut my coffee sugar in half to start. I have not eaten junk snacks (minus the one bite of a cookie i had prior to sitting here to type this! oops!) I have not eaten ice cream since Saturday. --THAT in itself is a huge feat for me, for it is my TOP sugar indulgence!
I also walked 2 miles pushing a double stroller with 2 kids and (what seemed like) a ton of library books on Monday. Tuesday will lend itself to a whole other post; you will see why when i write it. Today is Wednesday. At 6:15am, I put in a Billy Blanks video and punched and kicked and crunched my way through a 30 minute routine. I have eaten a bowl of whole wheat chex and 1 cup of coffee. And the bite of peanut butter cookie. I am making lunch soon. So far, so good.

I WILL FIT PERFECTLY IN THIS DRESS!! (too bad i can't find my camera cord or i would post a picture of the molded satin! aaahhh, well...)

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Shannon said...

You'll do great, Abbey! I can't wait to see the dress.