Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Are my eyes deceiving me?

Ok, so about every six months I purchase a 25 pound bag of rice, since we eat rice about 5x a week. It is the good Chinese restaurant white rice. SO YUMMM! Anyway, a great deal at $22. Can't beat it for what I want.
Anyway, last night I was planning to make the blessed Rice & Beans meal. So I realized my canister was empty. I headed out to the garage where we keep the large bag. We have the bag up off the floor folded and sealed with packing tape. I open the bag and start scooping the rice into my canister when a moth flew out of the bag. I shewed it away not thinking anything of it, til I looked into the bag. There were about 12 to 15 moths crawling around or fluttering around in the bag! YIKES! So I picked them out. I laid out 3-4 large bowls and was going through the rice. I kept finding thees small clusters of rice stuck together--I just started making a pile of them. Then I stopped, looked closer and found that it was a cocoon for the moth. I SHUTTERED!! I dumped the entire bag (mind you there was probably 24 pounds of rice still in the bag!) into the bowls that lay in front of me. I started going through the rice handful by handful. Then I just started to cry. There were pieces of rice crawling around....well that is what it looked like. A closer look showed me it was all these moth worms. YES, moth WORMS in my rice! I know that the rice did not come with the worms. they obviously got into the bag out in the garage.
Several thoughts crossed my mind. One was how many moths have we eaten and not realized if any? another am i going to get all these worms out of here? I did NOT plan to throw away 24 pounds of rice! It was too much. I could not waste it.
I called my mom in tears. I was so frustrated. There was no way I would be eating rice anytime soon. I just know I would see it still crawling on my plate even after being cooked. My mom BEGGED me to just throw it all away. I honored her request, tearfully!! It just stunk to have to throw all that out! Made me sick in more ways than one!
Hope you are not having rice tonight for supper. Sorry if i ruined your dinner!


Chastity Gomez said...

oh, that is horrible-

Dusty said...

oh, ugh! I'm sorry you had to dump all that out! I won't look at my rice the same now.

Shannon said...

I'm so sorry that happened! We eat rice as a staple around here too, but I've never bought the huge bag because I have no where to store it. I'm glad now. At least if you ate any, I'm sure it was well cooked, tastey, and harmless. I've read that eating a bowl of white rice is the same as eating a bowl of sugar (to your body) so maybe count it as a blessing and buy some brown rice instead.

~Abbey~ said...

AH, Shannon, don't tell me that about the sugar! I LOVE brown rice far more than white-for health reasons, but Jaocb doesn't :(.
but it is what it is at this point. i am headed out to shop at Aldi and see what i can scrounge up! :)