Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Zahra Clare Baker

This is such a sad story. Locally, an Amber Alert was sent out a few days ago saying that a little girl may have been abducted from her home. Her parent said they last saw her in her bed at 230AM, and they reported her missing at 200PM the next day. (sounded fishy to me, because i could not imagine 12 hours going by before reporting my child missing-but hey, its not happened to me...*eyes rolling*)
Anyway, the case is all over our news now. This is now considered a homicide investigation. There are cadaver dogs going crazy over a wood chipper! I can hardly watch the news without crying for this innocent child. You can read the story yourself.
You can follow the story a little bit.
I cannot imagine how a parent can do such harmful unloving things to their own child..or any child! It saddens me deeply to hear of these events. There are SO many people out there who would have willingly given this little girl a loving peaceful home life, and instead she had go through this horrible nightmare.
May God have mercy justice on these people! Please pray for the family and friends of this little angel!

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