Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The baby is leaving!

Am I supposed to feel guilty that I am excited that Corbett is starting to be a toddler and not a baby? I am thankful for the time he was a baby. He is/was a good baby; he is always happy and fun. He tries to cry, but I can't help but laugh at him, because he is not a good faker!
I have no pictures to document this, BUT yesterday, Corbett took about 5 steps multiple times before falling down. When we clap and cheer for him, he looks at us like we are crazy. I am SO thankful that I did not have to send those first steps to Jacob on video! He was able to see them first hand here at home! (small event but a BIG blessing!)
Then last night, Corbett got that look on his face like he needed to go to the bathroom. So I took him to the bathroom and put him on the potty. He sat there HAPPILY for about 1 minute before saying "DUUU" (that's his word for DONE at dinner) so I looked in the toilet and there was a big ol' poop in there. (Gross I know, but SO EXCITING to me, since I am eager to be diaper free!) Then I thought he peed, so I took him off and we started walking down the hall. He started to pee. UT-OH! I screeched "STOP PEEING"....amazingly he stopped. We went back to the little potty. and he PEED! We both clapped!
I know, to some people-especially those without children, pottying in the right place is not such a feat. But to the mom who changes diapers...its not so much about the feat of peeing in the potty!--Its about watching your child grow and know himself. Its about seeing accomplishment and pride on your child's face. Its about not having to change another diaper ;) ! Way to go, Corbett!
Who couldn't love that face?

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