Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Today, I am thankful for the fruit I am seeing in Clayton's life. He is a totally different child than he was 2 years ago! I wish everyone could know how much I mean that statement and how drastic his changes are! Clayton accepted Christ as Saviour 2.5 years ago and was baptized just 6 months after that.
He is concerned for the people he attends school with and his teachers. Last week, he came home and was telling us how he started asking the kids that sit in his table group if they go to church or if they are saved. He said most of them said "i don't know" or yes they go to church. but one said "no, I don't think so." THAT was the one that stood out to him. Maybe he picked up that it sounded a little more thoughtful-I am not sure. But that day he asked me if I had any more tracks for him to give away. I keep tracks around, but he was referring to the ones geared for kids. I told him no, I didn't have any. He asked me to get some. I picked some up a few days later. He was very excited to take a couple to school with him. He doesn't even put them away in his book bag. He holds on tho them like he is holding on to a hundred dollar bill-tight and confident. He came home very excited to tell me that he gave both tracks to each of his teachers. He said that they took them and said thank you. I explained how that what he did is being a light in the dark world for God. and He really is happy when we do things like that. Just like when missionaries give the Gospel out-its the same thing. He said "well, I always wanted to be a missionary!" He was beaming! he is not afraid to hand out tracks or ask someone about being saved. I am glad. I want him to keep doing it now so he doesn't get gun shy later. Its much harder to get going when you have not been doing it regularly since you were very small.
I thank God all the time for getting ahold of Clayton's heart! He has done great and mighty things with him already and I cannot wait to see what is ahead for that boy! He is headed to do something BIG!

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