Thursday, November 11, 2010

Sacrificial Service without limits!

Thank you to all of the men and women who serve our country in the military!
I am going to attempt to name every person I know who is or has served. If I miss someone, please add them with a comment and accept my apologies! Feel free to add people I don't personally know as well. I am so thankful that these people are willing to give up everything for my sake and my freedoms!

John Romero (Uncle)
Darryl Sexton (Uncle)
I am not paying for it, but someone is. Freedom isn't free!
Martin Wallach (Great Grandpa)
Tara Coombs (sister)
Joel Constance (brother in law)
Tommy Edwards (brother in law)
Joey Tipton (brother)
Doug Paulus (cousin)
Joe Bobinis (cousin)
Crystal McDermott (friend)
John Sieck (friend)
Jenny Sieck (friend)
Kristen Carrington (friend)
Jamin Stevenson (friend)
David Hudson (friend)
Greg Ream (friend)
Tim Crawley (friend)
Amber Porphy (friend)
Charles Gadwell Sr (grandfather)
Charles Gadwell Jr. (Uncle)
Dan Dixon (friend)
Bryan Kelsey (friend)

There are also the civilian families that work closely with the military that should not go unnoticed. Though these men and women are not enlisted, some aspects of the military would not function as smoothly without them. So thank you to those as well!

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