Monday, November 15, 2010

Short and Sweet

Today especially I am very thankful for my kids! This whole Zahra Baker case has me so rattled inside. (in case you haven't followed the story you can check it out (

I look at my kids and want to hold them tighter, hug them more and tell them I LOVE YOU so much more often. They annoy me ALOT-i can't lie. Clayton with his "bodily function" noises non stop. Candice and her fake crying over every bump or stumble or the thought of someone not liking her hair. Cameron and her baby talking because "it cute mommy". NO ITS NOT CUTE! Corbett getting into EVERYTHING. he is a mini tornado around here.

Despite all that, I still wouldn't trade anything in the world for their safety and happiness! I love them more than even I thought was possible.

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