Saturday, November 20, 2010

its Saturday now...

I haven't posted all week really, not because i am not thankful, but because i just didn't feel like it. (B.W.O.) I am so tired. I don't sleep the best at night. so when i am tired enough to go to sleep i try to do it right then. Before bed is when i like writing most. Maybe because its quiet and uninterrupted...i don't know.

Anyway, this week, looking back to the highlights...I am very thankful for my close friends. Last Saturday, my friend Melissa came over and we stayed up late watching movies and talking. Then on Thursday, 3 of my gal pals, (Tia, Shannon and Kelly) came over each bringing a great snack stocked with a blue million calories! We chatted and laughed the night away. It is so therapeutic to me to hang out with people who get me. For years, I feel like I have been trying to stuff myself in this expected mold--and I just can't thank God enough for answering my prayers for some new godly friends who accept me for me.

Today, I am thankful God gave me working legs and a strong heart and lungs because I needed them! Clayton and I signed up for the Turkey Trot at the YMCA. We just did the 1 mile run since it was our first time doing an organized race. It felt good to get out there and move. It does bring out a little bit of the competitor in me. I am NOT feeling so hot now...I think running in the cold this morning has given me a sore throat and sore muscles! So worth it! I was SO proud of Clayton today! he showed me up pretty good. I knew I could PUSH myself to do this.(I only practiced this mile 2 days before competing) but I really honestly thought Clayton was going to give up. He proved me wrong AND he ran faster than me-to boot! I was also glad to have Clayton's friend, Nolan, running with me! He did great-and with no practice either. :)

Also I am thankful for tears. Sometimes we just need to cry.
I am thankful for hugs. I sometimes feel like I don't want people in my space. It used to feel very weird for  people to hug me-til I started dating Jacob. Then the hugging never stopped--but it wasn't from him. Mostly it was his family. They are all huggers! Its a good thing really. Now since he is gone, I get hugs from my kids and that is SO great! I love them. But i can't believe how much I never realized how much I just like being hugged by my husband! There is peace right there next to his chest being held tight against it in his arms. the best place ever!

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