Thursday, December 2, 2010

I think I blinked!

Wow! Where has the second half of November gone? Its now December already! Crazy! The second half of the year always seems to go faster than the first half-why is that?

Just a few random thoughts this morning. I am planning on posting all about our Thanksgiving very soon-its just crazy around my house right now. Lots of things happening! I guess that is good because it makes the days go faster and how I want the days to go fast!!

We spent the week of Thanksgiving at my parents and sister's houses. It was nice to see everyone. Just prior to going this stomoach virus hit our house. I was looking back and don't ya know that it was about this time last year there was a stomach bug here too! How about that! This time I got it too! It wasn't THAT bad, but bad enough when you are the only adult to do anything. You can imagine what happened to my house in the meantime! So of course that meant a lot more work before and after going away. Clayton ened up getting it while we were gone and now I believe he shared it with my sister's family. Sorry Valarie!

Once we got home the kids were BEGGING to put up the Christmas tree. So I caved and we did it. So now I have to play Christmas music all the time because I have to stay in this "Christmas Mood". Kinda sad that I have to "force" it on myself. But honestly it just kinda seems like one more thing to think about, do or prepare for. So The Littel Drummer Boy comes on the radio and Corbett starts clapping and says "Bum, Bum, Bum, Bum." Now whenever that song comes on I tell him to sing it and he does the same thing! Its so cute! He picked up on that song FAST! Corbett is into EVERYTHING too!!! And when I say everything, I mean the Christmas tree (and everything else in the house)!! I don't expect my tree to fall over this year as it did last year with Cameron being so young; the only reason for that is because now I have 8 eyes to watch out for it!

Candice had a sleep over last night with Tori. I cannot believe how differnt this house is minus 1 child! It doesn't matter which one it is; everything is so much calmer. Weird right!? I really think I am going to enjoy next school year with 2 home.

Clayton has his Christmas program coming up at school. Its nothing big, but he is already saying he is embarrassed to talk in front. So silly because when he is up there you would never know it! I guess in that respect he takes after me--I can play that off well. I am looking forward to it anyway.

What's with my kids? Every night for the past week someone has sneaked into my bed without me even knowing. I wake up in the morning and there is a body next to me. hmmmm.... yeah this is not gonna keep happening!

Well, later today when I have a free moment, I will upload some pictures and explain the happening. Of course there are "stories" with them!

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Chastity Gomez said...

I totally agree about November FLYING by!! Hard to believe its the end of the year soon!