Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

Catching up finally! I shoudl be in bed, but alas, I am waiting for jacob to get online. (the joys of being 12 hours apart!)

So for Thanksgiving, I took the kids to my parents and was able to visit with my sisters. It was a nice visit. We have not seen each other all at eh same time in a VERY long time. I have not seen Tara in about 3 years. Her kids are so much older now...more grown up I guess. I love how the cousins all are connected even though they are time zones apart. I hate hearing from families "well, we can't really get to know the kids because we live so far away." These kids prove that theory wrong and blow it out of the water! These kids are tight! They call each other for good and bad stuff. They write to each other sometimes. They are all so close in age too. Secretly, I love that I have the youngest girls, so we get all teh hand-me-downs! :)

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