Friday, December 10, 2010

God is SO good!

My friend taught me this song sing God is So Good in the classic manner then there is a verse that goes something like this...
God's so good to give us so many blessings!
Undeserving, that's what we are.
We ought to thank Him, love and praise Him.
A little today, a whole lot more tomorrow!

That song has been ringing in my head today, as so many prayers have been answered lately. I will share a few with you.
First, I have very bad anxiety problems when i go out to crowded places, or busy places. I get panic attacks. If you have never had one, consider your self very blessed. It is the most terrifying feeling. And on top of getting the panic attack, I have 4 kids with me- that just escalates the problem. So, this past week my kids were so sick. As a matter of fact the week leading up to Thanksgiving, we were all taking turns with a stomach bug. It was no fun. However, looking back-it was somewhat of a blessing because I was forced to stay home and do nothing but house stuff. I could not be out in the crowds of people. Going to my parents where there was going to be alot of people in a  small space scared me. I never do well. This year was much better and I think it really helped to not have the added stress overflowing from the days prior to going. So that was an answer to prayer because I was praying that I would not have an anxiety attack especially while at my parents house.
Then another....For the past month or more I have been praying that Jacob would meet a fellow Christian to be an encouragement to him while he is gone. No one really emails him. People say they will and don't. I guess they are busy. But he needs encouragement from men. So I have just been praying that God would send someone along. And today he told me that oddly enough a guy he went to Clearwater with is there. They are planning ot meet up soon. This is a real blessing to my heart!
Also, we have no heat. Or rather we HAD no heat, before today. Our heat pump, we were told, had gone bad. It is almost 20 years old so we were expecting a problem. We found out that replacing the unit was going ot cost us around 5-6 THOUSAND dollars. (here is a secret--we don't have that kind of money ANYWHERE) So we don't really want to put that much money into this house,a s we don't plan to stay here another 5 years. So we asked the guy how much will it be to just fix the compressor so that we don't have to replace the entire unit. He quoted us at $950-1150. OK, that is definitely better than $5-6K, but still that puts a big huge dent in our budget.  Well today I came  home and the heating man was here. He said "I went ahead and fixed your unit. It is running fine. The compressor is weak but that wasn't the problem. The starter was bad.. so I replaced it. it should work great, testing from the outside shows it is working fine." So I said, "OK, so do i need to write you a check? How much do I owe you?" He said "well, It's $95 for everything!"
WOW!! We were expecting a bill 10 times that! Thank The LORD for sparing us that expense!

He is SO good to us. Even when we think the situation is not great, there is a blessing in it somewhere and we need to learn to draw it out! I hope you have a blessed day as well!

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Susana C. said...

AMEN! Ain't God good!