Saturday, November 6, 2010

SSS as opposed to SWS!

I see many blogs with Six Word Saturday.....i can't even imagine condensing my thoughts into SIX words! haha! So we will go with Six Sentence Saturday here--today anyway. These will be my Thankful 6 things!

1. I am thankful that I have mixed gendered children, even though I always said NO as my boy is older, I am very thankful for the balance!

2. I am very thankful that the BB gun was only pumped like 5 times so as it did not pierce Clayton's foot when he shot himself today. :D

3. I am thankful for the sweetest girls who babysit for us and have been for 5 years runnning!

4. I am thankful for the very peaceful evening we had with NO tv on at all!!!

5. I am thankful for my date with Clayton today; on which I learned that it is NOT cool to act funny or silly with 7 year old boys. example: trying on funny hats in the store is embarrassing, not fun. remedy for embarrassing son: one word-GameStop ($3 purchase heals all wounds!)

6. I am thankful that I get an extra hour of sleep tonight since we change the clocks back one hour! Sorry Arizona, you don't get any extra sleep tonight!

1 comment:

Shannon said...

LOL, on the embarassing part. That's what mom's are for!!