Friday, November 5, 2010


that is the only thing that comes to mi mind at the moment because i am so tired. But i didn't want to go to bed without "journalling" my thanks of today.
My cell phone rang about 5 times today. 2 times it was a friend i was meeting for coffee and Krispy Kremes...we were celebrating so I ate them guilt free!! 1 time it was a friend who was returning my call and the other 2 times it was JACOB!! My darling was able to call and chat with me. Brief conversations are better than none. I sometimes forget my phone when i leave the house. I am so thankful that i remembered to take it with me today!

This is the last picture i have of is. It is pretty awful. LOL!

On another note: clayton had his friend spend the night tonight. What was i thinking letting them watch the Karate Kid right before bed? at 10:30 they want to practice all their KungFu moves! haha! I am wondering if they will go to sleep at all tonight! I better go regulate!

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