Sunday, January 2, 2011

~Gifts in a Jar~

You ever look at one of those gifts in a jar and think.."Wow that looks pretty nice. All neatly stacked in layers." I feel like my life can compare. All of life's things stacked in layers. Then someone came along and shook it all up. Right now my jar is shook up, all the layers are jumbled together. There is no order to anything. It looks like a glorified mess in a jar. I have hope though that God is gonna throw an egg and some butter in there, maybe a little vanilla. Then the heat is gonna come. Things are gonna be REALLY tough. I'll have to go through the oven. But in the end, I will come out sweet and tasty and maybe not PERFECT, but delectable!


Chastity Gomez said...

really cute jars:) Did you make them? and I will be praying for you right now! Praise god for His grace that carries us through times when we are weak and our strength is gone! Love ya!

Shannon said...

Your blog looks great!!

I'll be praying for you! Call me if you need to talk! (((HUGS)))

~Abbey~ said...

Chas-stock photography, thugh i have made them several times for different things and they are always pretty to look at. :)