Monday, January 17, 2011

I have a problem...

OK, So for Christmas each of my kids got about 5 pounds of candy from relatives. The tradition is nice, but the undying nagging about when/if we can have a piece is not so nice! The other day, I was laying on my bed making out my grocery list and this is what happened.

Enter Candice: Mom, can I have a piece of candy?
Me: No.
Candice: No, not now? or No I can't have candy?
Me; No, No one needs any candy today.
Candice: C'mon Mom. Why not? I love candy and I need sugar today.
Me: Candice, arguing with me will not only not get you candy but it will get you a spanking. The answer is no.
Candice: Yes, ma'am.
[Exit Candice]

What I hear from my room.

Candice enters Clayton's room where he is playing Legos quietly.
Candice: Clayton, I have to tell you something.
Clayton: what?
Candice: Clayton, I have to tell you something about Mom. She has a problem. A big problem.
Clayton: She does?
Candice: Yes. Its BIG and its really bad, because she doesn't even know she has a problem.
Clayton: So what's mom's problem?
Candice: promise not to tell her?
Clayton: (silence)
Candice: well, Mom had this problem. Sometimes she is nice and sometimes she is mean. and right now she is mean.
Clayton: OK
Candice: She said No one can have any candy today. so that's mean.

OK, so what did I learn? My daughter has no sense of what whispering is. I have a problem that I don't know about. Its that I am mean because I won't let her have candy? Clayton was smart for not agreeing with her!
I literally sat on my bed listening to this and LOL! KIDS!


Anonymous said...

Sounds like your problem may have something to do with me!! Hehehe!! meany!! ROFL!! J/K Love ya!

Anonymous said...

LOL!!! I guess mothers around the world have problems then! haha! -Kelly

Baba said...

The "meaner" the better is what I always say!! :0)

Karen said...

Hilarious!!! I have the same problem I guess. I hate it when the girls get all that candy and then it sits in the cabinet forever because I won't let them eat much at a time. It ends up going bad and going in the trash. I just went through piles of Halloween candy this weekend and decided whatever still isn't eaten in a month, goes in the trash.

rockinabbs29 said...

LOL I loved this. I love to listen to kids' conversations, too.

~Abbey~ said...

Hey Anonymous ;) i am happy to have the problems you cause! ;) love you!