Sunday, February 27, 2011

20 random thoughts

1. It snowed in San Diego yesterday! That is rare!
2. I am enjoying reading chapter books a few chapters at a time to Clayton before bed. We haven't read together like that in a long time because he can read himself. but both of us missed it, so we started up again!
3. I am enjoying the 70 something degree weather in February!
4. I can't believe Tuesday is March 1st and Thursday is Jacob's 31st birthday!
5. I am considering fostering a kitten or puppy that is not viable...only until it is viable and can be adopted by someone else!
6. I am hungry late at night, but not during the day. Its aggravating!
7. I dream BIG!
8. I have not given up on human kindness! A man bought my son Girl Scout cookies today-for no reason. He was a stranger!
9. I can't wait til Corbett is 3 years old. I enjoy that age more than i do 17 month independence!
10. I ate an entire sleeve of Thin Mint Girls Scout cookies between last night and this morning. And I felt no guilt about it!
11. I have learned that your best friends can be made online! ;)
12. Redbox is wonderful!
13. I like wine.
14. I am pretty sure the above statement will offend someone, rest assured I am not getting drunk on it...well not regularly..hahaha...sorry.
15. My bed feels very plush!
16. I stay up way later than I really want to, because in my head once I go to bed, it is tomorrow and I am not ready for it to be tomorrow yet.
17. I never thought I would be where I am today! NEVER!!!
18. I am more self conscious than you could ever know!
19. There is NO ONE i never feel self conscious around.
20. Is pretty sure that something HUGE is about to happen...I'll give it 100 days or less!

1 comment:

Shannon said...

I especially <3 #11!!! Don't feel self conscience around me. You know I'm just a rolly old dork!