Tuesday, March 1, 2011

New Words!!

I am amazed at how many new words Corbett is saying recently. I am not one to count how many words my kids say, but I think I have noticed it more because he is saying words that don't seem to be the same as the others said when they were young. Does that make any sense?
Here are the words he is saying now that I can remember....and I promise this is not an exhaustive list!
Mommy, Daddy, Bobby, Mine, On, Off, Shoes, Down
This, That, A side (for outside), No, Yes, Please, door
cup, Milk, Juice, Oww, Me, In, Open, BooBoo, car, Chair
apple, nana (for banana), eyes, nose, toes, ear, hair, diaper, knee
Bible, cookies, ball, dog, cow, buckle, book, read, I, love, you and yemam (yes ma'am)

he says these small sentences or fragments often as well...
read book, me cookies, I love you, read me, yes please.

He is growing so much too. He is dire need of clothes for spring and summer, but I don't even know what size to buy. Right now he is in a 2t shirt and 18month pants. I know shorts will fit differently and I also want to get him potty trained soon. (the girls WERE potty trained by comparison) With that, he is pulling on his diaper and saying he is dirty or trying to pull off his diaper and says diaper when it needs changing. He pretty much only needs changing in the morning and again in late afternoon and once before bed. I know he is holding it. Its time...I am jsut not feeling like it righ tnow...But I also know that my lazy attitude will come back to bite me if I don't just do it now! So wish me luck on that one and say a prayer too. I don't really LOVE to clean up puddles--though I do prefer that over food all over the floor when learning to eat with an utensil!
He is such a Momma's boy too! That has its perks but also has a down side to it as well. He is very lovable, but you have to watch out....His teeth are very sharp, and he uses them! He is a pirhana! Which, by the way, I woudl love some suggestions on how to get the biting ot stop. I won't bore you with what I have tried to do, but none of it has worked. He has the will of IRON! I will just put it that way!..So please, suggest away!

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Jen Minor said...

Ok this worked with Rachael..... Bite him back. Seems a little extreme but hey it worked!! Good luck Abbey. I will be praying for you.