Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Just noticed...

I read the One Minute Writer and it's a great blog! I rarely go back and check who won for the day knowing it won't be me. How inspiring can I be in comparison to the "bazillion" people who participate?! So tonight I was looking through the blog a little and just happened to notice that in the tagged winner's circle there was an Abbey. And I thought to myself, hey someone else spells their name just like mine. I wonder what she looks like! So I click on it. I swear it was like looking in a mirror! The lady looks IDENTICAL to me....oh Wait, it WAS me!! I won on a prompt! I was chosen! Pretty sweet! Then i look at the date...September 2010...Its been THAT long since I have even glanced at who the winners are. Haha! Doubt I will start looking to see if my name is there, but it was a pretty sweet surprise.

The prompt was "what was your earliest memory?" You can read my answer here! So, What is your earliest memory?

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rockinabbs29 said...

that is awesome! :)