Thursday, April 14, 2011

Light at the End of the Tunnel

I am traveling through this tunnel of parenthood, somewhat alone right now and now I can see the light! This month is almost over and then I only have to  make it one more month and a little bit. We can do this!! I am trying to think positively! Some things that we have done to try to make the time easier are going to the gym. I am documenting my progress here. My Runner's Magazine  has suggested blogging on your progress for an accountability, even if its so you yourself can see what you are and are not doing. So I will do that too.  One of the Best things that we started doing is having dinner with my friend, Kelly and her family, at least 2x per week. We each take a turn to cook and we clean up together so it is less stress on one. Her husband gets home later than the normal dinner hour, so it works well for us! And that means 1 night a week neither one of us has to think about making dinner! I will miss that when Jacob gets home! Another thing I am doing is taking the kids to the park every day that it is nice outside. They run and get energy out, they are not messing up the house and I get to sit in the sun. Its a benefit for all of us!

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Baba said...

Cameron is SO her absolute doll!! LOVE LOVE LOVE that smile!!