Friday, April 29, 2011

April Showers (of Blessings!)

SO many things have happened in April--especially in the last 2 weeks or so.
Short  versions for now...
  1. Paid off all debt that was unnecessary! YAY!!
  2. My cousins came for a visit! I miss them so much!
  3. I went to my parents for Easter! It was uneventful in a good way!
  4. Had my first scare with a tornado, which made me even more in AWE of God's powerful hand!
  5. Corbett has consistently started telling me he has pooped!
  6. We have reserved a vacation for this summer!
  7. I was able to buy some new clothes..most are "everyday" skirts...who knew I* would be such a skirt wearer! Ha!
  8. We got a dog...and found a home for it in the same week! (this one deserves a post all its own!)
Do you remember the post I had about a boy Clayton has been witnessing to at school? The week before Easter Clayton said the boy (we will call him X for now) brought a Bible to show him. Clayton said the other kids were saying "yeah so, that's dumb. It not that exciting." And Clayton told X..".NO THAT IS GREAT! This is the best book! and you can learn about God by reading it too!"  So we go home for spring break...
Back to school talk of X ... Today though, Clayton came home and said "Mom, guess what. X got saved today! We were at recess and we found a small bench and sat on it and talked and i told him how to pray to get saved and he did!!!" HOW EXCITING!!  Clayton called his grampop to tell him, since he has been a part of this conversation before. Clayton was happy to tell someone else and hear his excitement as well!


jbdemarest said...

Sounds like you had an eventful month! That's so wonderful about X and Clayton being able to pray with him. He had no fear!! If it were me,I would have been so nervous. Clayton sounds like he's such a sweet little guy and has a loving heart for people. That's wonderful, and he's got wonderful parents and family that have raised him to love others :) I hope this next month is full of blessings! Enjoy your summer vacation!!

Dusty said...

That is awesome about Clayton! You should be so proud of him!

Where are you finding your skirts? I'm having trouble finding any that aren't ridiculously short. :(

~Abbey~ said...

@Jen-thank you!

@Dusty-- I AM proud of him :)
The skirts--OLD NAVY! they are 15$ and a jersey cotton material so great for anything! I had a coupon and got 50% off, so that was pretty sweet! I also found a couple at Target. they are right to the knee, but also the JC material. I got another one at GOODWILL (3$) that is mid-shin length, more of a airy summery-feel about it. i will keep a lookout for any more coupons for ON-i doubt i will need more :)

Chastity Gomez said...

Such an exciting post!