Saturday, May 14, 2011

Habit of no habit

Was reading in My Utmost For His Highest the other day, May 12 to be exact. But the topic caught my attention. I thought I would share it with you. My Utmost For His Highest was written by Oswald Chambers and published originally in 1935, yet 80 some odd years later is STILL one of the most popular devotional books sold! If you don't have a copy, it's worth the purchase!
So here is what I read.
Make A habit of Having No Habits
2 Peter 1:8 (RV) "For if these things are yours and abound, they make you to be not idle nor unfruitful."

When we begin to form a habit we are conscious of it. There are times when we are conscious of becoming virtuous and patient and godly, but it is only a stage; if we stop there we shall get the strut of the spiritual prig. The right thing to do with habits is to lose them in the life of the Lord, until every habit is so practiced that there is no conscious habit at all. Our spiritual life continually resovles into introspection because there are some qualities we have not added as yet. Ultimately the relationship is to be a completely simple one.
Your god may be your little Christian habit, the habit of prayer at stated times, or the habit of Bible reading. Watch how your Father will upset those times if you begin to worship your habit instead of what the habit symbolizes--I can't do that just now, I am praying; it is my hour with God. No, it is your hour with your habit. There is quality that is lacking in you. Recognize the defect and then look for the opportunity of exercising yourself along the line of the quality to be added. Love means that there is no habit visible, you have come to the place where the habit is lost, adn by practice you do the thing unconsciously. If you are consciously holy, there are certain things you imagine you cannot do, certain relationships in which you are far from simple; that means there is something to be added. The only supernatural life is the life the Lord Jesus lived, and He was at home with God anywhere. Is there anywhere where you are not at home with God? Let God press through that particular circumstance until you gain Him, and life becomes the simple life of a child.

Made me reflect on my habits that I think are good and right...but they are truly JUST habits. We lose our substance when these things -especially "good Christian acts"- become our habits instead of purposeful action, a fruit of our relationship with Christ! 


ktkelting said...

What a cool reading!!! Thanks for sharing :)

Sarah Rudisill said...

I read Oswald every morning, and I love it! A friend gave it to me a few years ago and I still get new messages out of it every time I read it.