Saturday, May 14, 2011

Straw Hole

Remember when you were little and you lost your first tooth and it was the best because you could suck a straw through this little opening? Funny the things we remember from childhood! Well, we have a new straw hole in town! Candice lost her 1st tooth on Wednesday! She really has been ready for it to be pulled, but sh eis so dramatic that if i so much as pretended to touch it she would wince in agony. So Wednesday, all 4 of the children had dentist appointments. I nonchalantly told the dentist to yank that sucker! So she counted Candice's teeth and low and behold the tooth flicked right out..according to Candice! ;) Is my baby really ready to lose teeth? How can this be? She is not even in Kindergarten yet!! Granted she is the age that most kids start losing them, but she is not in Kindergarten which in my twisted thinking  makes her NOT OLD ENOUGH!! haha!! So the "tooth fairy" showed up that night. Before bed Candice said, "Mommy, can you just give me my money now so you don't have to put it under my pillow. I already know the tooth fairy is you." Way to rip the fun right out from under me! LOL... nah, I don't really care; but I did make her put it under the pillow!

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