Saturday, May 14, 2011

Odds adn Ends

So we found a great home for the puppy, Lilly. And the kids cried and cried. "We just really want a pet Mom." So I got flustered and said...You know what? I will get you a cat when someone needs a "mom" for a kitten who lost its Mom. We will have to bottle feed it and everything. (ok, secret here--these kittens are a rare find. so I thought I was in the clear for a LONG time!) Well, don't you know someone posted on one of my message boards that they needed someone to take a kitten whose mother was run over by a vehicle. I tried to ignore it, however, these kittens were only 3 weeks old and needed a bottle or syringe feeding every 3 hours. OH BOY!! Was this a test from God? I think so. My kids would have never known about this kitten. But I felt that i had an obligation before God to follow through on my promise to them. We got the kitten and 2 days later it died. Again, my kids were in tears. I felt this pull to go to the shelter and choose a cat who was already trained and everything. So that is what we did. And Tiger has now become our cat. He is a good cat. He uses the litter pan, doesn't get on the counter or table, has no desire to go outside, and is very affectionate-when the kids are not really loud. He is 2 years old, they said. Besides all that, he reminds me of my Spunkers! :)
Clayton also received an award at school last week! He was named one of the TERRIFIC KIDS for the month. There are 2 students chosen from each classroom, and there are certain requirements that have to be made....neatness, responsibility, initiative, kindness, compassion...just to name a few. I am pleased he was chosen to receive this award! Way to go, Son!
A few other things worth mentioning. I am doing my first 5K in 3 weeks! I am very excited about it. My goal: finish strong! I may have to walk parts of it, but I want to be sprinting over that finish line. It is for a great cause; catch the info here.
Jacob also returns home in about 3 weeks. I have learned SO many lessons this time around. #1 lesson--I am stronger than I thought I was. #2 lesson--I don't NEED my husband, but I sure as Heaven like him and prefer him being here!! Lots more lessons...but not for sharing now.
I am reading more books... and I am enjoying reading. I can  tell my eyes are not as sharp as they were-I think I have to go get those "old lady glasses" from the drug store...haha!! So I think I will sign off and go escape into someone else's world for a little while!

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~Karen said...

Very cute kitty. Glad Jacob is coming home soon. Its nice to know you don't NEED a man but also nice to have one around. Lol You should read the Left Behind series. I'm on the 3rd book now and its awesome so far.