Thursday, August 11, 2011

I am an....Apple? Pear? Nut? Chocolate Fudge Brownie?

The One Minute Writer has prompted today...  "What food perfectly represents who you are?"
There is NO WAY possible I could answer that in 60 seconds, so I linked up my response so I can take as long as I would like to! What a question though, really!
I can think of a few foods I am definitely NOT! I know I am not an asparagus--they are long and skinny, which I am not. However, they have a quality about them that maybe we have in common... People either love it or hate it...Its just one of those veggies! Brussel sprouts are the same way...although they smell worse when cooking. But when given a try with the right treatment they are WONDERFUL!
I know I am not oatmeal! Oatmeal has nothing interesting about it. When its cooked, its still blah til you add a bunch of stuff-sorta covering up its identity. I definitely don't cover who I am.
I know I am not chocolate. Chocolate has many forms. It can me sweet or bitter. It can melt or stand firm. Most people adore chocolate while they eat it and then loathe themselves later for eating it. Don't think that fits me either. there is one that is a good descriptive word. That might fit me, but overall, not a good fit.
Fruits... as a category, I think I could fit into that! Most are fairly tough skinned but their heart bruises easily. They take the abuse and the handling and most times there are no seen effects that look no more than superficial marks. But then you cut it open and find that it is severely damaged, sometimes to the point of being thrown away. Some people eating it will do the good thing and just ignore the bruises, or cut them away and savor what is good and left over. - or better yet re-purpose it from its raw state. 
Cereal: There is an idea... its nice and crunchy in the box, yet has been shuffled around like a house in a tornado. You pour the cereal in the bowl and pour milk on top. The cereal is still crunchy, tastes good. But then you get side tracked-go answer the phone, or pay attention to something else, and the cereal is neglected. It starts to get mushy. Eventually it gets so mushy and gross that its worthless to the eater-at least the adult eater. Its not the cereal's fault you walked away, and yet we get mad that it "turned" on us. The kids are much more forgiving eaters....they just take it how it is and love it anyway even when the SNAP, Crackle, Pop has long been silenced.
Then there is coffee! Does that even count as food? LOL... well, I guess I can't relate to coffee, but it is the most comforting drink to me. I would rather drink my coffee in peace and quiet than eat for comfort. (Confession: I have drank coffee more than once in place of meals. ah well.)

So I suppose I can't just pick ONE food I can say "perfectly represents me". there are too many to choose from... I do know this. I seem tough on the outside, but everything sinks in. EVERYTHING. It all effects me differently. I take it all in and some of the negativity people project goes in and makes me push back and get stronger, some just bruises me to my core. I have learned to expect people to be cruel and mean, and I have learned that just because someone claims to be your friend doesn't mean jack squat. I have learned that friends are people who talk to you, not at you. They care about you when you are at your worst and at your best. They love you even if you have nothing to offer them and take anything you can offer, not materially speaking. They are the ones you trust with your heart when everyone else is making assumptions about you. They are the ones who in crisis are there to just be there. They are the ones who when you are stranded will help you out. They are the ones who come along side you when your husband is gone for what seems like FOREVER! These people are far and few between. And are cherished. They don't care that I look like a pear and sometimes act like a nut, and feel like a marshmallow. ;) They only see you through their Chocolate covered cherry eyes! Good through and through!