Thursday, August 11, 2011

3...2..1.. Blastoff!!

Science Experiments for the summer kinda got put on hold; because I, for the life of me, cannot find Root Beer extract here! I can order it, I guess- if I would remember. I also wanted to do some paper mache' with the kids. Summer's not over yet, but I have a few ideas for Fall with that! Clayton was able to get his rocket out one day while Jacob had some time to do it with him. they took it over to the Elementary School and shot it off 2x. Clayton LOVES it. He has loved rockets for as long as I can remember! And this is a great pastime he and his dad can enjoy together and build memories! Maybe a future scientist?....Maybe not. Clayton keeps saying he is going to own a donut shop called Dad's Delicious Donuts! He has the logo all planned out already and what the T-shirts will look like. He is always askingme to help him make donuts. So we bought him a donut pan. (Though the GOOD donuts are made in hot oil--> not the safest thing for an 8 year old entrepreneur! So we settled for the baked ones. Check these out! He was very proud of himself. He really made them by himself except putting them in the oven. They tasted very good as well!

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ktkelting said...

That's super cute :)