Tuesday, August 16, 2011

My birthday Present...to you!

OK, so my computer was out for a few days, which was stinky and delayed my giveaway prize winner announcement. Friday was a decent day, though I still hate my birthday. Last year I resolved I wouldn't anymore, but that didn't work I guess. For my birthday, I went and got a massage and facial on Wednesday, because Jacob had off that day. It was very nice! Friday, I did nothing. Such a change of pace for me...I mean I didn't even do a load of laundry! That night we went to a local restaurant for some supper-where we were able to all eat and tip for under $20-what a great treat for us!
So, I told you that I love being a mom, but there is something that I just LOATHE cleaning! Toys are a pain to clean up. And i must confess that if I end up cleaning up toys too many times, I actually DO take a trash bag and throw them away or give them away. My kids toys, my kids responsibility. Toys with tiny pieces... I haven't had much experience with that since I still have a child who puts EVERYTHING in his mouth. So pretty much anything with the tiny pieces is still on the ban list. Rice Krispy treats... close, but no. I can't even remember the last time we had those. Soggy cereal... I would have picked that as the winning answer if my sister had not made an even more specific guess. Soggy Rice Krispies. I hate the food stage with kids. Its gross. Its messy. And yes I would rather potty train than teach a kid to eat. That is how much I hate it! So at least we are past that stage in this house. However, we are NOT past the stage where bowls of cereal accidentally get knocked off the table while the child is reaching for a cup just 2 minutes before we HAVE to leave to be somewhere! With rice and noodles, I find it easier to clean up once they have dried. So typically i will go give baths or do a load of laundry or do something with the kids for 20 minutes while the food kinda dries so i can sweep or vacuum it up. One a specific day, just as we were walking out the door the sound of the cereal bowl crash hit the floor! I was in a hurry and as I tried to clean up the spilled bowl of Rice Krispies, they would just smear across the floor. So I  thought I would let them dry and then clean them up when I got back. (Gross I know!) Well that was easier because they didn't smear, but dried they are GLUED to any surface. I now LOATHE Rice Krispies except when they are in tact in bowl or mixed with marshmallow! So Tara, you win it with your specificness. Tia, it was a close second!
I will be mailing Tara a pink reusable grocery bag that has Proverbs 31: 10 printed on it. Congratulations to Tara! (and just so everyone knows, I have never told her what I hate cleaning, other than the hair out of the drain! LOL!)
Proverbs 31:10 NIV: She is far more valuable than rubies.
Blessed day to everyone!

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Tara Lee said...

YES!!!! I knew it cuz that's the worse thing I hate to clean up too!!!! I won't even buy them unless were making treats! Like glue! You said it! Love you!!!