Saturday, August 20, 2011

I gave her back.

When my kids were born, we were asked numerous times if we were having them dedicated or have already had them dedicated at church. We decided against it, because frankly we didn't see the point. The day each of  our children were born, I prayed over them thanking God for their precious life. I prayed I would be the mom they needed me to be and the one God would have me to be. I prayed for their health. I prayed for their hearts to be turned to God early on in life. I prayed for their safety. And I prayed that God would use them however He saw fit, that they would seek out His will, and that we, as parents, would accept that will also. 
Right now, we don't know what God has in store for them later in life; but it would not surprise us in the least if Candice does not become a missionary. (Granted we are all missionaries in one way or another-but I am speaking of the "on the mission field missionary!) 
She prayed to be saved when she was 2 and still speaks of it frequently, rejoicing in her salvation. She cries that her friends do not know Christ. She cries because she wants to see Jesus NOW. She asks strangers if they are saved or know Jesus. She prays for others consistently without prompting. She teaches her teachers at church with her boldness. She can clearly explain the plan of salvation.
She often surprises us with her intellect and profound statements of understanding the call of the Holy Spirit in her heart. Sometimes simplifying concepts adults have a hard time with. 
Yesterday, we went to get haircuts and when getting out of the van I reprimanded one of the kids for the way they were stepping on some things and said "we need to take care of Blue because we need her!" (The van's name is Blue.)
Candice says in the most humble voice 
"Mama, we don't need the van. We only need God. We can walk places." 
How often do we think we NEED something. We really don't need things....we really do "just" need God.
When I prayed that I would give my children back to God to use them however He saw fit, I really didn't think that I would be seeing fruit this early in their lives. But I am so grateful for it, and I continue to pray that they will keep a soft heart to God's call for them!


Dusty said...

That just made me tear up. :)

Chastity Gomez said...

will look forward to visiting her someday on the mission field:)