Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Mini-Gift in a jar!

Here is how you can make them too!
Purchase 5  (1/2 pint) ball canning jars.
Purchase 1 box No Bake Cheesecake (any flavor)
Make the crust of cheesecake as directed, except split the crust up into the 5 jars.
Make the cheesecake mixture and split that up 5 ways also. 
Seal with lids. (these are not actually can sealed, so they will need to be eaten in a decent amount of time!)
Decorate jar as you choose!
 For my decor, I chose plain fabric cut to fit slightly overlapping edge. Red ribbon. Black buttons. CTMH small Christmas tree stamp. 0.5 tip journaling pen and a yellow marker. I already had most supplies. I only needed to purchase the jars and the Cheesecake. Total cost per gift came to $1.20! What do you think?

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jbdemarest said...

Very nice gifts! Great idea for the future. I looks like you did cross stitch for the fabric. I like the simplicity of how you did it! Merry Christmas!