Monday, February 6, 2012

Is this Gross?

You see that white mark WAY DOWN under her tongue? yeah that's an adult tooth! Candice is the BIGGEST drama queen, so completing the task of getting the baby tooth loose is not exactly a cup of tea! The Dentist is seeing her next week to yank it if she hasn't pulled it by then. Good Grief! This should be interesting, huh?! I really feel bad for her though, its rubbing a sore on the bottom of her tongue. I just never knew that your tooth could grow in THAT far back. Its right on the edge of the soft tissue. YUCK!  The top tooth that is gone just fell out about 2 weeks ago. its her 3rd one gone. She cried when it fell out because she was SO happy! HA! She is funny!

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Dana said...

Eden has a tooth growing in EXACTLY like that only her baby tooth has already fallen out...did the dentist say it will move up?...i should take a picture...its identical!