Saturday, February 4, 2012

I hope you LOVE garlic!

Simple and Tasty and ECONOMICAL...that's what I love in a recipe, and here is one at its finest! The great thing about this recipe is that you can tailor it very easily to your family's tastes! My kids loved this as much as my husband and I did! (That makes it an A+)

Crockpot: 4-5 lean pork chops (bone in or out, doesn't matter they FALL apart!)
Give it a good coating of basil, garlic, oregano, pepper, and a dash of salt.
about 1/2 cup water (pour along sides so you don't wash away spices)
1/2 of onion chopped
1-2 tomatoes chopped up, or use cherry tomatoes
Cook on LOW 6-8 hours.

**While your hands are dirty and you are prepping, go ahead and cut veggies for dinner and save some time later! This means when you are ready to eat, dinner will be started and finished within 15 minutes!!**

(Note: Did you know every time you lift the lid on your crock to stir or get a good sniff, it takes 25 minutes for the temp to return! So leave that lid alone!)

PASTA with Broccoli & Garlic:
1 good head of broccoli, cut into bite size
1 medium onion, chopped
*Blanch broccoli and onion together* Remove from water and set aside, reserving liquid to use later.
1 -14oz can diced tomato, no salt
3+ cloves fresh garlic, diced very small, or put through a press
1/4 c. Olive oil
~1lb pasta, cooked and drained.

Boil water for noodles. (I used penne pasta, try the whole wheat!)
When boiling cook noodles according to directions. (1 box was a little too much for our family, adjust accordingly)

In large sauce pan, saute' garlic in olive oil, til the garlic smell is WONDERFUL. DON'T BROWN GARLIC, it will get bitter!
Add broccoli, onion, tomatoes and about 1/2-1 cup of reserved liquid. Simmer about 15 minutes, adding more liquid if it starts getting dry!
When pasta is al dente', toss into sauce pan meshing all flavors together. I turn off the heat and put a lid on it while I set the table.

What grade would you give it? Enjoy!!

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